I’ve always loved a good mystery. The suspense of NOT knowing is almost as good as when the secret is revealed sometimes. When I first saw the video for a song called “Don’t Go Into This House” by someone calling themselves simply “Night” I was intrigued.

“Don’t Go Into That House” is a haunting and beautiful song that doesn’t need a lot of flash or loud, screaming vocals to send a chill up your spine. Add that to the video below, and it surpasses being just a song and ventures into mini horror movie territory. What I’m saying is, this is one great and creepy production “Night” has put together.

So what’s this mystery I was speaking of? Well, I have no idea who “Night” is, or what the rest of the album this song comes from sounds like. Actually, I know “Night”‘s real name is Oren LaHav and I know he sings. I also know there is an album out there somewhere entitled “Night Driver”. But this is all I know.

I googled his name, his alias, his album title, and even the song “Don’t Go Into This House”. I came away with nothing. Even the YouTube channel that is hosting the video has only one selection. And, of course, that selection is “Don’t Go Into This House”!

Is this a message? A small taste of something bigger to come in the future? Or simply a man who had a vision and put it out here for all of us to see an listen to? I’m hoping for the second choice because the imagery and use of color (and lack of also) is the perfect background for the music and vocals. Just like in a horror movie, you’re going along for the ride willingly.

I encourage you to watch the video for “Don’t Go Into This House” below and hit the YouTube button to give it a like and leave a comment. Maybe we can get some more information about “Night” and his plans for the future that way. Enjoy.

Let me know what you think of “Don’t Go Into This House” in the comments below and also let me know what you think of this mystery in general. And don’t forget to visit MY OFFICIAL AMAZON WORLD OF TERROR PAGE for all your horror movie needs.

Keep it bloody.



  1. Not to ruin the mystery or anything, but you be interested in knowingthat he has previously published music under name Jay Walk Snail. Really good stuff, I love it.

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