DAYMARES Will Give You Nightmares

I wasn’t really sure why author Kenya Moss-Dyme named this anthology DAYMARES. All I knew was that I love horror anthologies and that Kenya is a prolific author. After reading her book DEVIL INSIDE I couldn’t wait to delve further into her beautifully twisted mind.

After reading DAYMARES, I think I figured out the title. Because it’s best if you read this during the day unless you want to have many sleepless nights listening to your house trying to kill you in your sleep! This book will take you places you probably wouldn’t go to on your own, but in the talented hands of Kenya you’ll go along kicking and screaming and never once being able to look away.

Below is the official synopsis for DAYMARES. And if that weren’t enough, there’s also a very creepy trailer that should get you in the mood to read it. Enjoy!

Daymares is a 230 page collection of seven disturbing little tales of terror by Kenya Moss-Dyme:

In Baby Mine, a woman faces the ultimate ‘morning-after’ following a lust-filled night with a brutish former lover;

A landlord rules his apartment building with sharp precision in 1st of the Month;

Junebug/The Flat Earth tells the story of a little boy who refuses to lie down and play nice with his tormented stepmother;

Ride takes you on a 911 call when a cop with a secret meets his karma in the cornfields;

A grieving widower mourns the loss of his selfish and controlling better half in Her Things;

An innocent game of Tag takes a frightening turn when the little ones hang out at the Playground; and,

A Colder Kind of Hell brings us the story of a crafty defense lawyer who is so good at his job that all hell breaks loose.

Let’s get down to the guts of the matter. The stories within DAYMARES are disturbing and terrifying to be sure. But it’s really the writing style that gives them that extra punch to the head that’s missing in a lot of horror these days. It’s not JUST about the subject matter in these tales, it’s the way the author writes the characters. They feel alive and very real, as if Kenya was not writing from a made up place in her mind, but from an actual experience. The conversations between characters feel natural and it puts you in each scenario ready to live the nightmares with them.

And the characters in DAYMARES are flawed in ways that you will recognize almost immediately. Even the “good guys” in these stories have flaws and characteristics that make them kind of disgusting at times, but still relatable to the average person. In other words, the characters act and speak like REAL people. Flawed, yet loveable. Terrible, yet feeling. There is no perfect antagonist and no purely evil villain for the most part. I love that!

Each of these stories opens with a little forward that explains how this story came to be from things Kenya observed or heard about. And these asides are, in my opinion, what makes each story have that ring of truth to it. That’s also the difference between a writer and a great writer. Some people see the mundane and let it pass from their memory quickly. Kenya sees the mundane things, the different life experiences she’s had and sees a STORY. A scary, scary story!

I don’t want to get into spoilers because each of these stories in DAYMARES need to be read with a clear mind for maximum effect. But I will say this: A baby gets shot in the head at point blank range at one point and that is not only horrific, but is a reason why you’ll be impacted by these stories. This is “no limit” horror at its best and I highly recommend you pick it up now. Just click the picture above or HIT UP THIS LINK to get your copy of DAYMARES now.

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Keep it bloody.


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