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Some people have no luck at all, and if they do, it’s all bad. The protagonist of horror novel “APOKALYPS: Horror and Hope” is one such man. Justin Kase has his world torn from him with the death of his wife and son. Seeking solitude, he embarks on a “prepper” lifestyle eventually joining a group of like minded people. That’s when “APOKALYPS” gets seriously scary for Justin and company.

After an event that decimates most of the United States, Justin and friends must find a way to survive in this new wasteland, relying on their learned skills and each other to do so. And it won’t be easy. A roaming gang that won’t hesitate to kill first and never ask questions as long as they get what they want are just ONE of the horrors they face.

“APOKALYPS” is written by author Larry Dean Jackson and it’s obvious from the description that he doesn’t shy away from giving his characters all the horror they can handle. Luckily we get to go along for that ride. It’s also obvious that he doesn’t mind lending his tales to different forms of horror sub genres.

While the book may seem to be straight up horror at first glance, you’ll find that’s it’s actually several styles rolled into one with the horror aspect tying them all together nicely. You could say it’s part apocalyptic survival, part dystopian dark fantasy, and part bloody horror.

Boasting non stop action, interesting, realistic characters, and set against a background of carnage in a world few could survive and fighting for that survival is an everyday occurrence, “APOKALYPS” bends genres as easy as it bends your mind. Below is the official synopsis of “APOKALYPS”, and note the BONUS material at the bottom!

After the worst kind of tragedy, losing his wife and son in an accident. Justin Kase buys ten acres in remote southwest Oregon, intending to hide from the world while he nursed his wounds. He never realized he would need the privacy to save himself, and those who relied on him, from a far worse fate.

After living off the land and taking up the prepper lifestyle in an attempt to isolate himself from any more pain, Justin finds himself joining some survivors on the other side of the state near the small town of Nash City, Oregon after the United States was bombed by an unknown enemy.

Justin and his small group of survivors manage to hold out, but when their supplies run low, they start looking for way to travel to Justin’s home near Backstrap. The territory south of Backstrap has become the territory of the vicious Elkhiyda gang, who ruthlessly protect the area.

As Justin picks up more straggling survivors, they make plans to move to Backstrap with fresh supplies, but he knows they’re going to have to fight their way past the Elkhiyda to get to freedom. Can helping his new found family bring peace to Justin’s soul?

In this dark paranormal dystopian fantasy, the action is unending, the betrayal deep, and the fears are truly terrifying.

A very different story that doesn’t fall into any set genre. It is Dystopian, post-Apocalypse with a twist of humor, not from the characters being humorous rather woven into the story itself and possesses elements of the supernatural that are present and not present at the same time.

Bonus: DEATH RATTLE – An American Short Story / Cruz and Natalie had prepared for the apocalypse. When it came many suffered. They were safe until the unexpected happened. Something they had not prepared for. INCLUDED FREE.

Great, action packed story, strong characters, and a terrifying plot line make “APOKALYPS” a book you should definitely pick up now. Simply click the picture above to buy it right now from Amazon for only $2.99. That’s a bargain!

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