When it comes to ghosts and hauntings I think we can all agree we’d rather have the “Casper” variety than the “Conjuring” kind! But what about a musical ghost? A ghost that won’t possess your soul, but WILL haunt your ears with melody and a guitar? Say hello to “The Ghost of Brooklyn”.

“The Ghost of Brooklyn” is an enigma. An undead minstrel with a mission of spreading his message via the power of music rather than force or twisting his head completely around. He’s not here to do harm, but rather, good. Because if the saying is true and music can really calm a savage beast, then “The Ghost of Brooklyn” would be safe in that creepy cave in “The Descent”!

With an auditory pleasing mix of pop, rock, and country, “The Ghost of Brooklyn” materializes wherever there are people who need a musical possession of the awesome variety. Hey, you don’t have to believe me. Below you’ll hear it from “The Ghost of Brooklyn” himself. After that, feel free to watch the video and hear the Ghost for yourself.

The world is full of living musicians, but what it really craves are dead ones. With one foot still in the grave, The Ghost of Brooklyn is a real ghost from Green-Wood Cemetery. Not the scary nighttime variety, but a friendly musical ghost that meditates, plays guitar and prowls the city streets in search of good vegan food. At night, instead of boozing, whoring and scaring the shit out of people he heads back to the graveyard to watch Youtube. Born in 1881 (or about that time), The Ghost of Brooklyn is an animated corpse raised for musical purposes. Cursed with authenticity and tremendous songwriting talent, his raw punchy sound will haunt you.

Everyone loves a friendly ghost. From subway platforms to the coliseums of ancient Rome, The Ghost of Brooklyn has famously appeared throughout the ages; then disappeared, and reappeared. He has the power to snatch bodies at will, which is why he’s back again. His current human identity is a secret and really doesn’t matter. What really matters is he is a real fucking ghost!

The Ghost of Brooklyn likes to haunt people directly, hence the endless stream of singles he releases on Youtube. He travels light; just a guitar, a few microphones and some pedals. He says, “I may be DEAD, but I will always rock the streets of Brooklyn.” All his music is captured live using the latest in live-performance technology. EVERYTHING you see & hear is LIVE (one mic, one guitar, one take). Rumor has it he’s on the short list for the 2016 Grammy Award for Best DEAD Artist.”

No need to call Ghostbusters here. This is a haunting of the cool variety. But even ghosts need some love. So be sure to visit and like the OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE of “The Ghost of Brooklyn”. Also, you can check out the OFFICIAL YOUTUBE PAGE and watch all the amazing videos.

How many can say they’ve left a comment for a ghost after all? Now’s your chance!

As always, your comments haunt my thoughts with happiness so let me know what you think of “The Ghost of Brooklyn” below. And don’t forget to visit MY OFFICIAL AMAZON WORLD OF TERROR PAGE for all your horror movie needs.

Keep it bloody.


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