GLEN OR THE BRIDE Is Nostalgic Brilliance

Ed Wood Jr. is considered famous in the horror community. Well, INFAMOUS may be the better word, but whether you loved him or not, you knew about him and have more than likely seen at least one or two of his films. “Plan 9 From Outer Space” may be the very worst movie ever made and yet is spoken of with pleasure and excitement.

The fact is, Ed’s movies are revered for their so-bad-they’re-good B movie awesomeness. But only one man has ever thought about making an entire NEW film made from various clips of Ed Wood Jr.’s movies. That man is Jesse Berger and the film in question is “Glen or the Bride”.

“Glen or the Bride” is the shorter (and more easily written form) of the entire title which is “Glen or the Bride of the Night of the Plan 9 from Outer Space” Now if you’re thinking that taking various parts of extremely cheesy B movies and splicing them together creating some sort of Frankenstein like bizarro horror movie is a bad idea, you’d be very wrong indeed!

“Glen or the Bride” pulled me in with its black and white, nostalgic look. If you’re a fan of old school cinema, the kind who relishes in the dramatic score, the sometimes wooden acting, and the glory days when people made movies because they loved the genre and not just to follow the money, then “Glen or the Bride” is going to make you very happy.

A huge shout out goes to Jesse Berger for pulling this off. In a film of this nature, editing has to be key and the final product here rarely leaves you with the impression that you’re seeing a “mash up” of films. “Glen or the Bride” may be even better than the combined movies are separately.

The short synopsis and trailer for “Glen or the Bride” are below. Definitely check them out!

Glen’s father is an evil scientist from outer space. Will Glen continue killing to appease his father’s sick lust for blood? Or will he finally tell his fiance Barbara the terrible truth? Only the infinity of the depths of a man’s mind can really tell the story.

“Glen or the Bride” is 25 minutes of awesome that I consider to be a brilliant piece of film making. And, although on paper it shouldn’t, it just plain WORKS! I know you want to see it in all of its glory. So simply CLICK THIS LINK to purchase “Glen or the Bride” for just $5.00 now. You can also get a DVD copy for $20 that includes shipping and handling. And while it’s true you could watch this film for free on YouTube, it really means a lot to support indie artists who are trying new things for our pleasure.

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