Harry Stubbs Is Back In BROKEN MEATS

BROKEN MEATS is the next adventure in the strange life of Harry Stubbs. In case you missed it, I reviewed the very awesome first adventure in the book “The Elder Ice”. You can read it RIGHT HERE to refresh your memory.

Harry Stubbs is an ex boxer who has landed on some hard times in early 20th century London. He’s a big man known for his fierceness inside the ring. But after retiring in one piece, he’s found himself performing various “services” for people that need things done. Things like debt collecting come to mind. While Harry is not just another thug, he does need to make ends meet. And while he is not a violent man by nature, when push comes to shove his skill and size comes in very handy indeed.

In BROKEN MEATS Harry is tasked with providing a bodyguard service for a Chinese man named Yang. While Yang seems to be different from most people Harry associates with, he has enough street smarts to know this man is important. Of course if this were a story of two worlds meeting and eventually being friends with each other it wouldn’t really be a horror story now would it?

When Harry and Yang arrive to experience a seance at a mysterious institute, the proverbial shit hits the fan and we’re thrust head first into a supernatural adventure that involves dead men walking, alchemy, secret magic rituals, and poor Harry is right in the middle trying to figure out how to stop an evil force from destroying everything he has.

Author DAVID HAMBLING ensures the pace is quick and the scares are genuine in BROKEN MEATS. He writes the character of Harry Stubbs with great care. Harry is a man who may not be the smartest man around, but what he lacks in education he more than makes up for with street smarts and being well read. And that’s what makes these adventures so compelling.

You root for Harry every step of the way and will be crossing your fingers that he makes it out alive as he faces these Lovecraftian nightmares come to life. David Hambling is great at burning a picture in your mind of these dark and secret rituals performed in BROKEN MEATS. At the end of the book, he even gives us an index of sorts on where to get more information on the terms and processes used. And while he’ll be the first to say these are likely works of complete fiction, he writes it so well you may begin to wonder if it COULD happen or not.

BROKEN MEATS is a great supernatural/occult adventure that will make you not ony love the story, but the characters as well. I hope Mr. Stubbs has more excursions in the future. I’ll be glad to go along for that ride any time.

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Keep it bloody.


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