Horror And Hip Hop Work In BUNE

Anyone who knows me knows I love rock and roll and heavy metal. This music has been a part of my life since I can remember. So when I heard about “BUNE”, I was a tad skeptical. I heard it was Hip Hop. I heard it was also horror. And my first thought was “Hip Hop videos and horror do NOT go hand in hand”.

Of course, like most things in life, when you judge something without having experienced it, you could miss out on something spectacular. So when I actually WATCHED the entire five part “BUNE” videos, I was not only sold, but I was amazed at how freaking awesome this is.

“BUNE” is not only artistically great, but visually stunning as well. it is one of the most unique horror experiences you’ll find all year. This five part video series tells a story of the occult, a mans choices, and sacrifice. All of this is told without any dialogue and “BUNE” doesn’t need any. With the music being front and center, the images within the videos are enough to tell the tale and give you some scares while doing so.


With great special effects to pull it all together the story in “BUNE” is one that will definitely leave you breathless and thinking about after you’ve finished watching. With each video being only between two and 4 minutes long, it makes for a “serial” feel about it. But, luckily, you don’t have to wait weeks or months for the next chapter.


Below you can watch the entire first part of “BUNE”. Just a taste to get you hooked of course. Read on afterward for the links where you can watch the entire five part series to your hearts content. Enjoy part one of “BUNE”.


Now you need to see the other four parts, don’t you? Don’t worry. I did too. I had to find out what happens next. Trust me, as great as part one is, it gets better as you go. And it’s easy and free to do so! Simply go to THE CAVES COMMISSION WEBSITE to watch or hit up the CAVES COMMISSION YOUTUBE CHANNEL and get all five episodes right now. And be sure after you watch to show these fantastic people some love and leave a comment. It means a lot to them I’m sure.

“BUNE” combines Hip Hop, horror, and special effects for a winning combination that’s unique and something you’ll be talking about after you’re done watching. Let me know what you think of “BUNE” in the comments below. And don’t forget to visit MY OFFICIAL AMAZON WORLD OF TERROR PAGE for all your horror movie needs.

Keep it bloody.


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