Prepare To Geek Out For THE GEEK

Gary Geiecki is a name you don’t know right now. But after reading THE GEEK by author Jonathan Latt, it will be a name you’ll not soon forget. You see, THE GEEK is not just a nickname as a play on his name. It’s his name that he chose for his profession. And his profession is being an assassin for the United States Government.

But THE GEEK is not JUST an assassin. He’s the best in the business. He is whispered about and feared in the underground, clandestine world that most of us don’t even know exists. And by the time you figure out who he is it will be too late. You’ll be dead and he’ll be paid for doing it. The thing is, he looks and acts just like any ordinary guy. Nondescript, not flashy, and the kind of face that is soon forgettable.

He is also a real geek! He collects comic books, wears superhero themed “outfits” for his jobs, and even changes his name to Hal Jordan to use after his retirement. Gary is a character you’ll instantly like, despite the fact that he murders for a living, and probably relate to in more ways than one.

When he decides to retire, you can imagine (if you’ve ever seen any spy movies) how that goes….not well! He’s made enemies in his twenty plus years of service, and he can not go quietly into that good night. Now while this may sound like it’s about to turn into a ho-hum, “been there, read that” cat and mouse sequence, you can rest easy. This is far from your run of the mill and predictable spy tale. The twists and turns the rest of THE GEEK goes for will leave you breathless.

Each character comes alive here and you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t pay attention to each one. They are richly detailed and come with their own backstory that puts the pieces of the puzzle together nicely. We learn about each of them, including THE GEEK himself, through flashbacks but not before the author sets up a plot twist at just the right moment for that flashback to make complete sense.

You’ll learn about his mother, his handler, his friends and foes alike as the story progresses and you’ll love (and sometimes hate) them for different reasons. Which brings me to Greta and Heinrich. You might be wondering why I’ve written a review for an action/adventure novel on a HORROR website. Well, despite this not being a horror book per se, Greta and Heinrich could stand toe to toe with the best spooky creatures from your favorite scary book. I mean these two are sadistic, brutal, twisted and they make Mickey and Mallory (from Natural Born Killers) look like good guys in comparison!

And while there is plenty of blood spilled in the pages of THE GEEK, none of it is gratuitous. It’s there to show you just how messed up these sociopaths are and it makes them my favorite bad guys from a book in a long time. The depravity of these two are the perfect setting for the kind of expert Gary truly is, and that’s why all these characters work together so beautifully. And it’s also why I was invested from the first page on.

Just when you think you can see where the winding road is leading you, you’ll be thrown off course with another twist you didn’t see coming. But, just like with the gore, these twists and turns are not just thrown in to keep you off balance. They make sense. Sometimes they make so much sense, you’ll be slapping your head for not seeing it earlier. And then you’ll be excited to jump right back in and see where THE GEEK takes you from there. This book is an amazing fun time!

THE GEEK starts with a bang, leaves the same way, and has a whole lot of kick ass in between! It’s a book you should definitely read and the sooner the better. Let me know what you think of THE GEEK in the comments below. And don’t forget to visit MY OFFICIAL AMAZON WORLD OF TERROR PAGE for all your horror movie needs.

Keep it bloody.


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