Listen up music fans: If you have never heard of the GHOST OF BROOKLYN or if you think the whole “ghost” aspect is just too cheesy for his music to be taken seriously, you are wrong. Period. This enigmatic, mysterious ghost is not wandering around shaking chains or making scary noises in the night. Rather, he is rocking and giving us some of the best indie music you’re likely to hear in a long time.

His new album, titled I AM THE GHOST OF BROOKLYN, is a soulful filled anthem to the ART of music. Bringing to mind the works of both Elvis Costello and early David Bowie, the Ghost Of Brooklyn will remind you of why some of the best music you’ll hear will not necessarily be on your radio commuting to work everyday.

It’s simply amazing to think that the Ghost Of Brooklyn records these songs in just one take somewhere in the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn N.Y. But perhaps that’s what gives each of these 16 songs that unblemished feel. It makes them hauntingly beautiful yet, for a ghost, full of life at the same time.

For being a supernatural spirit roaming this Earth, the Ghost Of Brooklyn seems to have these songs flow from him like his “life” depends on it. The themes for the most part are upbeat and positive, but certainly not so sugar coated sweet that you’ll mistake them for the current group of pop stars who have about as much soul as a robot.

And this is why the album works. SOUL. The Ghost Of Brooklyn is all soul (as ghosts tend to be I guess). These songs do not have the feel of being over produced, over thought, or second guessed. They come from a place of having been there, done that. Like someone telling you their favorite stories, you sit fascinated not necessarily because it’s something you’ve never heard before, but because you’ve never heard it quite THIS WAY before. And you’ll listen to this entire album the same way.

Below is some information about the Ghost Of Brooklyn from the official press release. After that, you’ll be able to listen to the entire new album for FREE. But please….I urge you….If you like what you hear, hit the YOUTUBE button on the video so you can go and give the Ghost Of Brooklyn a like and a positive comment. As with all indie artists, dead OR alive, they deserve and appreciate the love.

The world is full of living musicians, but what it really craves are dead ones. With one foot still in the grave, The Ghost of Brooklyn is a real ghost from Green-Wood Cemetery. Not the scary nighttime variety, but a friendly musical ghost that meditates, plays guitar and prowls the city streets in search of good Vegan food. At night, instead of boozing, whoring and scaring the shit out of people he heads back to the graveyard to watch Youtube. Born in 1881 (or about that time), The Ghost of Brooklyn is an animated corpse raised for musical purposes. Cursed with authenticity and tremendous songwriting talent, his raw punchy sound will haunt you.

Everyone loves a friendly ghost. From subway platforms to the coliseums of ancient Rome, The Ghost of Brooklyn has famously appeared throughout the ages; then disappeared, and reappeared. He has the power to snatch bodies, and time travel: which is why he’s back again. His current human identity is a secret and really doesn’t matter. What really matters is he is a real fucking ghost!

He travels light; a guitar, a few microphones and some pedals. He says, “I may be DEAD, but I will always rock the streets of Brooklyn.” Likened to the lo-fi heroes of the1950s, Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers & Johnny Cash, The Ghost of Brooklyn records live in a single take. His latest 16-song initiative, “I Am The Ghost of Brooklyn” was recorded on cassette tape in a mausoleum at Green-Wood Cemetery. When asked why he favors the underground approach, he says, “Underground? Yea – I was under-the-ground for 300 years.” Rumor has it he’s on the short list for a 2016 Grammy Award for Best DEAD Artist.

And remember to stop by the official GHOST OF BROOKLYN FACEBOOK PAGE and give it a like. Also keep up to date by visiting THE GHOST OF BROOKLYN WEBSITE.

“I AM THE GHOST OF BROOKLYN” is available wherever you like to listen to music. Check it out now. I highly recommend it.

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Keep it bloody.


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