Welcome to the Horror Cabin!

As a horror fan I started this website in the hopes of finding like minded people who share my passion for things that are scary and weird. Whether it’s movies, books, toys, news, rumors, conventions, or even creepy, original short stories, let this be your hub.

Since this is basically a one man operation there’s no way to do this without the help of the horror community. Unlike a lot of horror themed websites I want this one to be different. And I want it to be different by making YOU an integral part of the site. If you’ve ever felt as if your thoughts or opinions about this genre we love doesn’t matter much than this could be a place to have your voice heard. Sure, I will start a lot of topics myself at the beginning here. But it’s not about just MY OPINIONS about a movie or a book or an actor. I want to hear from you. I want your thoughts. I want to hear not only agreement but also strong arguments to the contrary. I want you to feel free to express not only if you agree or disagree but WHY. Keep it civil and we can agree to disagree while maintaining our horror bond.

In the future, once we get past the baby steps stage and gain a decent following, I would love to have guest bloggers from within this community. As long as you spell most of the words right and have a basic understanding of punctuation we can work together. I would also like your original, short horror tales to share with the world. Perhaps, if things go well, I would also like to have either weekly or monthly prize giveaways. Who doesn’t like free stuff after all?

But for right now, in the present, I just want us all to enjoy our genre of choice without being judged as a freak by those who prefer romantic comedies. They can start their own website. Kick back and enjoy your time here.



  1. Dave, love your site. I’m big horror fan myself and you have some great info on here. I have bookmarked your site. I’ll be coming back often.
    Ps. Dark Shadows was one of my favorite growing up.

  2. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for your interest in “Prince of Pieces”. Based on the publisher’s most recent estimate, it looks like it will be released in October rather than September. Also, if you’re interested in running art from the book, I’d certainly be happy to give you permission to do so…Just drop me an e-mail and I’ll forward a few panels to you.

    Sam Miserendino

  3. Thank you Mark! I remember freaking out watching “Dark Shadows” as a kid. To me it was terrifying. But my love for that feeling never went away. Here’s to our success!

  4. SAM MISERENDINO! What an honor for you to drop by my site. I’ll be emailing you for those images and will also be updating the information. Sincerely looking forward to the graphic novel. Thank you very much!

  5. So glad to see your site! I found you on Redgage.com. My computer can’t play your trailers, unfortunately, but that’s ok. I usually go by reviews anyway. I can’t wait to see Annabelle! Thanks for the review. I’ve bookmarked you, and I will be back.

    • “Annabelle” is directed by the director of photography on “The Conjuring” so I think it’s in great hands. He already has a feel for how things should go you know? “The Conjuring 2” is set for an October release in 2015, so this should tide us over until then! Thank you for the comment Maggie!

    • No, Maggie, THANK YOU for looking around! It really means a lot to me. 🙂

  6. Hi Dave,
    Must say I am impressed with your reviews. Appears you have a great command of this bloody subject! I’ve bookmarked you to come back again,

    • Thank you Kevin! A visit and comment is always welcome man. I chose this niche because I love the research and genre. There’s always something to report and I try to stay on top of it. Rock on 🙂

  7. Love your site and reviews, Dave. Especially love your humorous take on children and clowns. (Poltergeist, too, has a lot to answer for in the clown department!) Keep on screaming…

    • Thank you Carrie! I have also checked out YOUR site and read a couple of your flash fiction pieces. I really loved “Caught Red Handed”! Have you ever thought of turning some of those into a full book or even novella? I think that would be awesome! 🙂

      • Oh my! Yeah, the flash fiction was good for getting me started, trying stuff out, and building some confidence with the whole submission process. I definitely need to expand (not just my waistline) and figure out where I’m going. Appreciate that, Dave (made my day). Hey, if you ever want/need a second pair of editing eyes, and you trust me enough with commas, give me a shout. 🙂

        • LOL! Let’s not speak of waistlines. My wallet keeps reminding me I have a gym membership being woefully underutilized! I always need a fresh pair of eyes. When I see something that gets me excited, my brain is always thinking two or three sentences ahead and I find myself spending more time “rearranging” my posts than actually writing them.

          Plus I accept criticism very well. Feel free to ALWAYS leave me feedback and suggestions. I find them invaluable! 🙂

          • Hahhaaaha! Let us never speak of waistlines again. Or gym memberships (*shiver*). Well, you sound like a well-rounded individual to me. 😉

  8. Dave, what a fantastic site! Being a long time fan of the horror genre I will be visiting often. I will also pass this onto my son and others who I know love the genre too. Good luck. Keith

    • Thank you Keith! It always makes me happy to see the genre passed down to the next generation. Things may seem bleak sometimes in the horror community, but it continues to thrive. And it’s all due to people like you who visit websites like this! You and your son are always welcome here. Thank you for stopping by and for the comment. 🙂

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